Accent School of Polish offers the following:

  • group courses and individual classes
  • courses at all levels of advancement
  • both general and specialized Polish courses

Special programs for your employees


Survival Polish

a course based on the most basic situations requiring communication in Polish, aimed at beginner students.


Total Immersion

a highly intensive course combined with cultural immersion, offered at any level of advancement.


Polish at Work

a course that will acqaint the students with basic office communication, elements of Business Polish, and the vocabulary connected with a chosen field, e.g. trade, IT, or medicine.

As part of the course we provide:

– initial analysis of the Client’s needs

– preparation of an original course syllabus

– additional learning materials

– free workshops (once a month), e.g., pronunciation workshops, evenings with Polish culture, film club.

– progress reports for every student and / or completion certificates at the end of the course

– possibility of rescheduling or cancelling the classes (in agreement with the terms of the contract: monthly billing for the hours taught, not the hours planned)

– contact with the teacher via email

We are trusted by:

Why is Accent School of Polish worth choosing?

  • Classes at any location
    Depending on our Client’s needs, we run the courses either at their corporate offices or at Accent School of Polish, and for those with impossible schedules we suggest e-learning with us.
  • Flexible course schedule
    During the course both individual and group classes can be rescheduled up to one day before the given class.



  • Excellent team of professional teachers
    We employ only well-tested, qualified teachers: open, engaged, motivating.  In fact, we are proud to have a close-knit team of true professionals who has been working with Accent School of Polish for many years. Among them you’ll find polygolts, textbook authors, and creators of their very own signature teaching programs. They all have the methodological training and the experience required to teach Polish as a foreign language.
  • Individual approach to each student
    The courses offered by Accent School of Polish work like any partnership: each course syllabus is created individually to suit the specific Client’s needs. We systematically check not only our students’ progress, but also their level of satisfaction with the course.

    Prices are agreed upon individually, depending on the needs and expectations of the client.
    We offer a flexible payment plan.


Contact us

Our team is our greatest asset: always ready to help. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us!

I am glad to work among talented,  proactive and enthusiastic people. Accent is a school of professionals and individual approach to everyone. Being a student of Polish myself I am eager to share with you all the secrets and life hacks of adaptation and learning Polish. Our team will answer all your questions and help to find the best Polish course for you :)

Ksenia Agonen  Office Manager

Russian ——————————

English ————————

Polish —————

+48 690 333 279

I’m happy to work with the team of such devoted people who help foreigners to stay in Poland in comfortable environment. I like working while there is a lot going on and I can meet many people from different countries. I hope to learn new things from my colleagues and also share my previous experience with them

Danuta Tracz

Danauta Tracz Office Manager

Polish  ——————————

English ————————

Russian  ————

+48 665 669 663
+48 12 656 75 68

What I love most about my job is the great atmosphere and the chance to meet people from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, and different cultures. Each day here brings new challenges and inspirations, making it a unique experience. Doing the work entrusted to me gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction

Iwona Gach

Iwona Gach Office Manager

Polish  ——————————

English ————————

+48 665 669 663
+48 12 656 75 68

As a person who likes changes and challenges, working at Accent School of Polish is definitely rewarding to me. Every day here is different, but each one is full of new ideas, inspirations and interesting meetings!


Weronika Grabka Office Manager

Polish  ——————————

English ————————

Russian  —————

+48 665 669 663