Intensive Polish Courses – MONTH LONG COURSES

A month (or several months) of intense learning.
If you want speedy results and you have time three times a week (or everyday) – this is the course for you!



You can study for one month, or continue to learn… for however many months you want, ALL YEAR ROUND!

Groups of 4 to 10 students! Results GUARANTEED!

Included in the intensive Polish courses price are the following:

– the stated number of lessons of 45 minutes

– additional workshops once a month (phonetic, cultural, cooking, dance, film, and more – click here for more details)

– possibility of additional question time with your teacher

– learning materials perpared by our teachers

– social get-togethers (at the beginning/end of the semester) and holiday celebrations that let you experience Polish culture in an international atmosphere

– tea and coffee at your disposal, whenever you need a cup!

– a progress report and a certificate at the end of your course

– access to the student zone on our website (link), where you’ll find additional practice materials and a blog you may find useful

CLASSES online or at school!

  • Dates
  • 09.01 - 31.01
  • 07.02 - 29.02
  • 05.03 - 27.03
  • 08.04 - 30.04
  • 08.05 - 29.05
  • 06.06 - 28.06
  • 08.07 - 31.07
  • 07.08 - 30.08
  • Number of lessons
  • 2 lessons (90 minutes)
  • group of 4-10 students

  • Fee
  • 20 lessons / month
  • PLN 515
  • Advance payment: ONLY PLN 250!
    You can pay in installments.

  • Meetings
  • 3 times a week

Days off from classes:


International Worker’s Day and Constitution Day

Corpus Christi Holiday

Assumption of Mary

All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day

Independence Day

Christmas and New Year’s Holidays

I am now at this school and I am glad to be there.The teachers are very good and more like friends. And even the secretaries are nice, because if it´s cold you will get a hot coffe or tea =)=)

Katharina from Germany

Byłem w Krakowie po raz dziewiąty i zmeniłem szkołę. Nie pożałowałem moją decyzję. Ta mała szkoła znajduje się na Placu Bohaterów Getta naprzeciwko Każimirzu w pobliżu Starego Miasta nad Wisłą i jest szybko osiągalny tramwajem lub pieszo. Nauczycielki i dziewczyny w biurze pomogały grzeczny i niebiurokratyczny. Na lekcjach mieliśmy zawsze przyjemność i mimowolny nauczyliśmy. Dla tego cieszę się na następny pobyt w Krakowie. To będzie na Wielkanoc w tym roku.

Hannes Sturm Eberswalde from Germany

Absolutely the best place to learn polish! Perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism

Caroline from United Kingdom

Bardzo dobra szkola, polecam. Nauczyciele sa fajne, wesole, bardzo madre pedagogdzy. Zajecia zawsze interesujace i pelne nowej informacji. Zostali tylko przyjemni wspomnienia. Dziekuje!!! :)

Alexandra from Ukraine

I’ve been studying at Accent School of Polish for about 3 years and have been really very happy. The classes have been great and I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. But also, the atmosphere of the school is really wonderful-always very welcoming and helpful. It’s a pleasure to go every week.

Glen from United States

I think, here is the best Polish school in Krakow! school staffs, teachers are outstanding! very cozy and relax to study!

Dan from Japan

Great school! I’ve been to different language schools in a number of countries, and this one is definitely one of the best. The teachers are very kind and patient and know how to make learning a language fun. I also really appreciate the small groups and the attempts to find a right group (both schedule and level-wise) for everyone. The activities they organize are fun too :-) I’d really recommend this school to anyone.

Paul from Netherlands

Im Sommer 2015 besuchte ich einen Sommerkurs für 1,5 Wochen. Es war eine tolle Erfahrung, weil die Lehrerinnen freundlich, kompetent und geduldig waren. Die Lehrmethoden waren abwechslungsreich aber effizient. Außerdem nahm ich an einem abendlichen Koch-Event teil, welches sehr gut organisiert war. Das Essen war sehr lecker und es war eine gute Gelegenheit neue Leute kennenzulernen.Ich kann diese Schule nur weiterempfehlen, wenn man Polnisch in Krakau lernen möchte

Mary from Germany

Contact us!

Our team is our greatest asset: always ready to help. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us!

You will receive a detailed course calendar  for the course appropriate for you as soon as we know your level and your preferred starting date. Get in touch – we’re waiting!

I am glad to work among talented,  proactive and enthusiastic people. Accent is a school of professionals and individual approach to everyone. Being a student of Polish myself I am eager to share with you all the secrets and life hacks of adaptation and learning Polish. Our team will answer all your questions and help to find the best Polish course for you :)

Ksenia Agonen  Office Manager

Russian ——————————

English ————————

Polish —————

+48 690 333 279

I’m happy to work with the team of such devoted people who help foreigners to stay in Poland in comfortable environment. I like working while there is a lot going on and I can meet many people from different countries. I hope to learn new things from my colleagues and also share my previous experience with them

Danuta Tracz

Danauta Tracz Office Manager

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+48 12 656 75 68

What I love most about my job is the great atmosphere and the chance to meet people from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, and different cultures. Each day here brings new challenges and inspirations, making it a unique experience. Doing the work entrusted to me gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction

Iwona Gach

Iwona Gach Office Manager

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English ————————

+48 665 669 663
+48 12 656 75 68

As a person who likes changes and challenges, working at Accent School of Polish is definitely rewarding to me. Every day here is different, but each one is full of new ideas, inspirations and interesting meetings!


Weronika Grabka Office Manager

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English ————————

Russian  —————

+48 665 669 663