Course Regulations

for Polish language courses with Accent School of Polish

§1. General

1.1. This regulation defines the rules for participating in Polish language courses for adults organized by Accent School of Polish.

1.2. Participation in the courses is voluntary and is based on principles of honesty, respect for other participants, and compliance with the institution’s regulations.

1.3. Course participants must be of legal age.

1.4. Each course involves a specified number of hours depending on the group size. The maximum group size is 10 participants. The school reserves the right to enroll students in a group after the course has begun if there are available slots. The school does not create smaller groups upon request.

1.5. Guarantee of smaller group size is possible when enrolling in an individual course.

1.6. Each course includes:

A specified number of academic hours

Additional activities twice a month (phonetic, cultural, culinary, dance, or film workshops)

Extra consultations with the teacher

Educational materials prepared by our instructors

Social events (at the beginning/end of the trimester), holiday gatherings – experiencing Polish culture in an international atmosphere

Coffee and tea

Progress reports and a certificate upon course completion upon request

Access to the LangLion platform (student portal)

§2. Registration and Fees

2.1. Enrollment in courses is done by completing the registration form available on the website or at the institution’s premises.

2.2. Fees for course participation are determined individually and provided in the information specific to each course.

2.3. Discounts and promotions cannot be combined.

2.4. Course fees must be paid within the deadlines set by the course organizer. Failure to make the payment on time may result in exclusion from the course.

2.5. The complete offer of Courses, including information about the number of Lessons within the Course, the duration of Lessons within the Course, the number of Virtual Lessons within the Course, the approximate duration of the Course, and the price, can be found on the Organizer’s website at

2.6. The student has the opportunity to change the group if there are free places in the group he is interested in and the Teacher and the Organizer agree to it. In such a case, the Client pays for the Group Lessons he/she took in the previous group and for the Group Lessons in the new group. After changing the group, the Customer pays fees in accordance with the price list applicable in a given group.

§3. Schedule

3.1. The schedule of classes will be provided to participants before the start of the course for confirmation.

3.2. The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of classes in justified cases, about which participants will be informed in advance.

3.3 If the lesson is not held due to technical reasons or reasons attributable to the Organizer (including the Teacher), the lesson will be conducted on another date mutually agreed by the Organizer and the Client or Student, selected from among the dates proposed by the Organizer.

§4. Participants’ responsibilities

4.1. Participants undertake to attend classes regularly and follow the agreed schedule.

4.2. Participants undertake to maintain good manners and respect other participants and instructors.

4.3. Participants are obliged to comply with the internal regulations of the institution where classes are held.

4.4. Participants undertake to provide all required documents and information to the facility’s administration on time.

4.5 The Customer undertakes to comply with the Regulations.

§5. Attendance and absence

5.1. Participants are obliged to report their absence to the teacher or facility administration in advance, if possible.

5.2. Failure to report absences on time may result in the loss of the opportunity to participate in classes.

5.3. The school does not refund funds for missed classes and does not deduct missed classes by the course participant from the course price.

§6. Information about the start of the course

6.1. Information about the start of the course is provided to students by telephone via contact numbers or to the e-mail address provided by the Course Participant when concluding the Agreement. If incorrect contact details are provided when concluding the Agreement, the School is not responsible for premature start of the course and absence of classes by the participant.

6.2. By leaving their contact details (telephone number/numbers, e-mail address), the course participant consents to receiving information and organizational correspondence (SMS, e-mail).

§7. Disbanding the group and changing the teacher

7.1. The school reserves the right to dissolve the group and propose classes in another group with the same level of learning if the number of participants in the group is less than 4 people.

7.2. The school reserves the right to change teachers during learning if such a change is justified and necessary to ensure high quality teaching.

§8. Criteria for receiving a course certificate

8.1. The student may receive a course completion certificate after completing the course after meeting the conditions related to the appropriate level of attendance and learning progress.

8.2. Attendance and final test criteria are determined each time according to the course’s specifics.

§9. Complaints procedure

9.1. The student has the right to file a complaint if the terms of the contract and course conditions are not met.

9.2. The complaint should be submitted by the Course Participant in writing at the company’s headquarters or by e-mail to

9.3. The complaint may be submitted no later than 7 days from the date of completion of the course or training.

9.4. The complaint will be considered by the Manager of Accent School of Polish, Katarzyna Roś, within 14 days from the date of submission of the complaint.

9.5. The course organizer provides the following forms of compensation for an accepted complaint: repetition of the course, price discount for the course or discount for the next course.

Thank you for carefully reading the regulations and following their provisions. We wish you fruitful learning of Polish!