I’m a graduate of the Jagiellonian University, and that’s where my adventure with teaching Polish began. Even though my original life plan was different, I now combine my two passions: teaching Polish as a foreign language and speech therapy (I work with kids with speech disorders). Of course, all work and no play would be dull. I do love spending my free time actively: traveling, visiting new countries, reading books, but also cheering and supporting our handball and volleyball teams.


I’m a teacher because I simply enjoy teaching and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I teach people, and at the same time I learn people as well. Each class is like a microcosm and a macrocosm rolled into one, an opportunity to express oneself and to draw from the rich experience of others. The Polish language is for me a bit like religion, a bit like philosophy, but mainly, a platform for thought. My classes are for everyone and about everything, and I try to make sure “that a dexterous tongue can say everything that the head can think.” Of course, that requires a lot of work, so I also have to be a tyrant. But this is all for the students’ benefit, so the pain comes with a guarantee of communicative success. I draw inspiration from my work, and the daily get-togethers with the whole world motivate me to smile and marvel at its beauty. I combine teaching with singing and music making, so sometimes after class my students get a chance hear a different version of me and my voice. We work well together


Out of curiosity. That’s why I’ve started learning new languages. When you’re curious, you ask questions and that’s what I encourage my students to do. We’re discovering Polish language together which is quite a journey :) I’m a big fan of international exchanges. I’ve participated in all Erasmus programms that were available for me at the time :) I’ve worked in an international environment since I can remember. For me, the more diverse it is, the better as we can learn so much from each other! I speak fluent English, Spanish and some Italian (I hope this list will get bigger in some time). Travelling, biking and hiking in the mountains are my biggest energizers. I enjoy staying active and trying new things. Again, out of curiosity :)


I am a graduate of Polish philology at the Jagiellonian University. My adventure in teaching Polish as a foreign language started a few years ago and today I cannot imagine a more interesting job. Thanks to it, I can travel without leaving Krakow. In class, I focus on a friendly atmosphere that helps break down language barriers. I particularly like teaching correct pronunciation. When I’m not working, I study foreign languages, read and draw.



My passions are musicals, hiking in the mountains and non-fiction. I love traveling and getting to know other countries through conversations with locals and local cuisine. In teaching Polish as a foreign language, I am very happy that working with students gives me a fresh look at my mother tongue, which continues to impress me. Meetings at the crossroads of cultures broaden my world.


I am a graduate of Indology and Turkology at the Jagiellonian University, postgraduate studies in humanitarian aid at the University of Warsaw and postgraduate studies in teaching Polish as a foreign and second language at the Pedagogical University. In my spare time, I hitchhike around the world, pilot trips and write reports, mainly on migration and social inequalities topics. Italy is my second home and I will always be happy to come back to India. I treat people as signposts and learning a foreign language like a journey full of surprises. In my work as a teacher, I focus on a practical approach, guided by the principle: to start speaking, you have to speak. I like to prepare my own materials in which I can use contemporary literature and elements of pop culture, and at the same time show students that learning can be fun and a source of many inspirations.

Marta Burza


I love kids, play, and theatre, so if I hadn’t become a teacher of Polish, I would certainly be working. I studied oriental languages at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, but even though I’m fluent in a few of the more exotic languages, what I love most is teaching my mother tongue — it’s when I truly feel in my element. Coming up with exercises and games, looking up interesting idioms and word histories: time stops when I’m busy with these things! Apart from work, I love biking, nature walks, gardening, cooking, and reading (or rather, devouring) books. When I really have a lot of time, I do sewing and knitting, and I make soutache jewelry.


I have always wondered how it is possible to explain Polish grammar and help with Polish pronunciation. As a teacher of English and a colleague of other teachers, both in Poland and abroad, I had to try and deal with it a lot. As it turns out, not only is it possible but there are also great and relatively simple ways to do it, including comparing Polish structures to those in other languages. Four years ago, I finished post-graduate studies in Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language and found out how! It’s a satisfying feeling. Besides teaching Polish, I continue to teach English, translate books on philosophy and other academic subjects, as well as teach and perform various forms of dance. I read a lot, especially in public transport, so don’t get offended if I don’t acknowledge you. Hope to see you in my class!

Barbara Duda


I went to college out of love for the Polish language. Since I was a child that I knew I would be teaching. I graduated from speech therapy at the Pedagogical University in Krakow. I chose the specialization ‘teaching Polish as a second / foreign language’. Working at Accent gives me faith that what I am doing makes sense. I like the exchange of energy during classes, conversations with people, new experiences. Teaching has become my passion and every week I discover how much fun it brings to me. During my classes, I focus a lot of attention on the correctness of pronouncing all the sounds .. And I don’t let go easily! after all, I am a speech therapist;)) Privately, I am a barista, highly sensitive and art lover.


I think I must admit to myself that I really like the Polish language and I am trying to learn it from different sides and in all possible ways. That’s why, I graduated in Polish philology at the University of Silesia in Katowice. After working as a journalist, I decided to teach Polish, so I supplemented my qualifications with postgraduate pedagogical studies. Later, I stated that it might be worth returning to Old Polish literature for a while, as a result of which in 2017 I defended my doctorate in the field of literary studies. Finally, I decided to start teaching Polish as a foreign language in order to have a chance to show everyone that although it is sometimes complicated and maybe a bit rustling and humming, it is beautiful and rich. Therefore, returning to the University of Silesia again, I completed postgraduate studies in teaching Polish language and culture and I try to make everyone think, at least for a moment, that learning Polish is pure pleasure. In addition, I deal with proofreading and editing. In my spare time, I learn Italian and watch tennis tournaments.

Kocela Wero


I have a higher education, I completed an additional course at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce in 2016 and a course on methods of teaching Polish as a foreign language at the Catholic University in Lublin in 2017. I have been teaching Polish for 8 years. I like my job very much. I try to combine learning Polish with general knowledge about the country, history, fairy tales and legends. I always try to make this difficult science easy, to show students that everyone can learn and so that the lessons are not boring. I like to joke because it always makes learning a language easier.


Hi! This is Justyna Paulina Korzun. I have been working as a Polish language teacher since 2013, I am a graduate of the Jagiellonian University, Polish Philology, specialization: glottodidactics. In 2013-2018, I worked at the Linguistic University in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), where I taught students from the East not only Polish, but also the culture and traditions of our beautiful country.

I specialize in teaching Polish in medicine.

I am fluent in English, Russian and German.

In my free time, I like to walk with my husband around Krakow, travel around Poland, go to zumba and cook. I am a fan of Russian literature, so you can often meet me with a cup of coffee and an open book.

Teaching Polish to foreigners is not a job, it is part of my life. I love meeting new people and their stories, helping them adjust to Polish reality.

I’m not Ms. Justyna, I’m just Justyna.


As a typical Polish teacher, I am interested in grammar, especially phraseology and … cars. ;) I am also fascinated by the culture and languages ​​of Eastern Slavs. That is why I dream of a good car and long journeys to the East. It gives me great pleasure to meet new people. I like good coffee and good jokes. ;)


It was never my plan to become a teacher; teaching was supposed to be just a temporary job. The result? I’ve been teaching for a few years now and I can’t imagine a more interesting and challenging job. Contact with people from different countries and cultures, getting to know each other, jokes, sharing stories – that’s what Polish courses are all about. Lessons are conversations with interesting people from whom I learn myself all the time (my students taught me to like Kraków!)
When I’m not working, I’m reading (mainly reportage and comic books), or attempting to hike in the mountains and do yoga (with various results), or else I’m cooking (with pretty good results). I’m not much of a traveller, but I don’t have to be: the whole world comes here, to Kraków!


I have always loved two things: the Polish language and reportages from both distant and close countries. Teaching Polish as a foreign language lets me pay a visit to the Far East, Latin America and our European neighbors all in one day, and without having to leave Kraków. In my lessons, I try to encourage students to speak Polish from the first minute, together with students we learn to overcome obstacles together, which mostly means problems with correct pronunciation. This is why in every lesson I spend some time on the rules of Polish phonetics and articulation exercises. Naturally, the best articulation exercise is laughter. I can’t imagine work without great atmosphere! Although I am convinced that every skill is equally important, I have to admit it is teaching correct pronunciation that gives me the most satisfaction. At present, I am finishing the Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language course at the Jagiellonian University. In my free time, I like to read, watch TV series, meet friends, swim, and of course, spend time with my wonderful husband :-)


When I was a child i was dreaming to teach! However, I didn’t think, that this dream may come true. I started studying logopedics at the Pedagogical University, I chose to specialize in teaching Polish as a foreign language and fell in love with it! Teaching Polish is an amazing journey – discovering the world and cultures together! Of course, as it is like with traveling, it is not always easy, but positive energy, commitment and a common goal are the key to success. :) Apart from teaching, I like to create interactive materials for learning Polish. I was involved in the editing of the updatedHurra series and the books ” Połącz kropki ” and ” Postaw Kropkę “. I am interested in aviation on a daily basis, but you can also meet me on the bike trail! :) 


I teach for about 10 years and I’m still happy with It’s me, your Polish teacher. If we meet at the Accent School of Polish, we’ll probably stay together for longer. Everyone who starts learning a foreign language starts a long and amazing journey. You will discover language, culture and yourself while traveling with me. And I’ll get to know some of your language, your culture and some … of you. I teach Polish for several years, but I also teach how to teach all the time. I deal with didactics, intercultural education, writing textbooks and carrying out multicultural projects. If you are interested more, google it yourself! And be sure to check out http: //


Hello! I am Agnieszka. I am a qualified teacher of Polish as a foreign language and a speech therapist. I have been teaching Polish since 2010 at various Polish and international universities. In 2020 I defended my doctoral dissertation in the Polish language glottodidactics, which was related to teaching Polish phonetics to foreigners. I have also been teaching Polish as a second/heritage language to children for many years.

I enjoy traveling and meeting new places and cultures. Thanks to my work I can feel like traveling all the time as each of my classes is like an interesting journey. I am passionate about crime stories and I am a big fan of crime podcasts too.


My adventure with teaching Polish began when I was choosing a specialty during my master’s studies in Polish philology at the University of Wrocław. By chance, I found out about the existence of the specialty of teaching Polish as a foreign language and decided to shift my purely literary interests to a more practical one. I instantly loved this job. It gives me great pleasure to keep in touch with people, learn about their different stories and experiences, and accompany my students in improving their communication in Polish, and thus, greater satisfaction with life in Poland. I like teaching grammar, especially those who want to learn Polish without grammar. After work, I read (reports and classics), swim, walk in the mountains, sing, learn languages and drink coffee.


Cultural diversity and communication psychology have always been fascinating to me and that is why I really love working in a multicultural environment, sharing knowledge and encountering a variety of opinions. I studied Polish for foreigners in Kraków as well as international relations in Germany, England and Poland. I’m also a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner interested in a holistic way of teaching, paying attention to brain-body-language connection, including rhythms of breathing and diet. Every lesson is an adventurous journey – sometimes difficult – but always full of funny moments and useful information you will surely remember, hopefully forever :)


I am a graduate of Polish philology at the Jagiellonian University. I find the structure and the history of Polish really interesting so I’ve started teaching my native language to understand it better. I love having a conversation with my students and explaining the situation in which every word can be used. When I’m not working, I read, watch TV series or cook with my friends. 


Being a child I already knew that I would teach Polish for sure when I grow up. First I have graduated from Polish Filology deapartment at Jagelloninan University here in Cracow. Later I had further studies in Italy where the idea to teach foreigners Polish language came up to my mind. As a volunteer I ran Polish classes for foreigners at the University in Rome.
After returning to Poland, I continued studying at the Jagiellonian University in the specialty: teaching Polish as a foreign language and second language. The experience with foreigners led me towards speech therapy, so after graduating from the university I also started working, among others with bilingual children, in whom I mainly focus on the so-called language programming. My experience in working as a therapist helps me in the work of a teacher, because the techniques used in therapy with children are great at teaching Polish with foreigners.


I am a graduate of Russian and Polish philology. I have been teaching languages since 2011. I started my adventure with the Polish language by convincing my Polish friends that my mother was – as I thought in Russian – a “criminal”, until it turned out that she was a “criminologist”. Since then, I think that my real friends are a treasure, and “false friends” in Slavic languages ​​are a good way to cheer everyone up. With a smile on my face, I receive messages from students who sometimes thank me for my “suffering” during lessons. I know they meant “patience.” Although the most important thing is that I always feel only pleasure from conducting classes! If you want to learn more stories about funny language mistakes in the life of a philologist and explore the secrets of correct Polish, I invite you to lessons!


For several years I have been helping students learn about the world of Polish language and culture. My history with teaching foreigners and with Accent began while I was studying teaching Polish as a foreign language at the Pedagogical University in Krakow. A little earlier, I started teaching Russian to Poles, which I gladly continue now. As a graduate of Slavic philology, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to compare different languages (especially Slavic) in my work. I try to apply the acquired knowledge when preparing classes and workshops for our students. In this case, I also benefit from the knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian, which I took from my family. Currently, I am also focusing on learning other languages – English, German and Spanish. I think that the more I learn about the language and culture of my students, the easier it will be for them to learn my languages. Outside of work, I really like to invite guests, listen to old music and as I am a humanist – read everything that I can lay my hands on. What don’t I like? Complaining that the Polish language is difficult.


My adventure with teaching Polish as a foreign language began when friends asked me to help them learn some basic expressions so that they In a way, I have been involved in teaching since 2018, when I volunteered in the Учим польский язык group on the vkontakte website, at the same time enriching my knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian. In 2019, I completed postgraduate studies in Polish Language Teaching, and since March this year I am working at the Accent School of Polish. If we say that learning a foreign language and teaching others is opening a window to the world, I can say that working in the this industry can be a fantastic adventure, passion and a lifestyle.


I am an educator with years of experience, a speech therapist and a Polish language teacher. I am happy to be able to share my knowledge and Polishness with people who visit our country, and even stay here for longer. I leave them a part of myself and I am grateful when they let me in on their own world. I focus on friendly atmosphere and effective teaching.


My name is Dorota. My teaching adventure began unexpectedly a few years ago. I am a graduate of Russian philology at the Jagiellonian and Yerevan Universities. Working abroad at the Polish embassy in Armenia and at the consulate in Ukraine, I discovered how successful the Polish language is there, and it was an impulse for me to start postgraduate studies at the Pedagogical University in Krakow in the field of “Polish as a foreign language”. Multicultural environments – Russian-speaking, English-speaking and Polish diaspora, and cooperation with them are not foreign to me, because working abroad many times I encountered various language or adaptation problems in new environments of both children, adolescents and migrant adults. In my work as a teacher, I focus not only on language exercises, I also try to familiarize students with Polish culture if I conduct classes with foreigners, and Russian if I conduct classes with people of Polish origin, so that they do not feel alienated. In my opinion, communication is the most important thing in class, so I arrange my classes in such a way that students have the opportunity to practice how to find themselves in various life situations, including unexpected ones. Currently, I am also working in a primary school teaching children Polish as a foreign language and supporting students with autism. I am interested in Russian literature, especially in plays and small literary forms by A. Chekhov, which are dominated by moral images from the lives of contemporary people. Privately, I am a mother of four children, so I meet various challenges every day, but teaching and upbringing is my passion!


I am a graduate of the University of Silesia with a degree in Polish Philology and I also have finished studies at the Jagiellonian University in the field of teaching Polish as a foreign language. Since my childhood, I knew that Polish is my way, and the university times have confirmed my belief that working with foreigners is what I have been waiting for the whole my life. I am fascinated with diversity, multitude of cultures and experience. I try to keep humor and a warm atmosphere in my lessons. Having a stranger soul (and the best vacation is a journey into the unknown,) in addition I show students charming corners of Poland, recommend interesting places, talk about traditions, famous Poles. I am also a man of the north, I love rain, and I have spent the best holidays in Iceland and Scotland. Last year I managed to conquer all 28 peaks of the Crown of the Polish Mountains. I am dreaming to go on a mountain trip with my students one day.


I teach for about 10 years and I’m still happy with that. I am always full of new ideas, but experience also allows me to “good routine“, after so many years I already know what works and what doesn’t. What I really like in this work is the diversity that comes primarily from the people I meet in it, that is, from students. I respect all of them very much for trying to learn our difficult language. I always try to make their complicated learning more pleasant, to show that “ The devil is not so black as he is painted “. I really like learning foreign languages, comparing words and idioms. Languages are simply my passion.


My mother says that before I started walking well, I already said something and I still can’t stop. There is a lot of truth in this. As you can see, my active adventure with the Polish language began in my childhood. Later it turned into practice, i.e. work in various media, including radio – certainly because of my talkativeness. I graduated in journalism and social communication (Jagiellonian University in Krakow), so I had to deal with the language every day. After many years, I decided to go a step further, that is, teach Polish to foreigners, so we can meet during classes. I graduated from the School of Polish Language and Culture at the University of Silesia, where I work as a teacher as well. I love traveling, so this topic is often included in my lessons. More, we will definitely talk about my next passion, which is cooking. You will see that Polish cuisine is really delicious!